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4 Things to Look For When Buying an Ergonomic Chair

Thursday, December 23, 2010
By Anne Kramer

Ergonomic Office ChairAs more workers spend more time in their office chairs performing work, many face problems with their back, shoulders, arms and other areas. This is usually due to poor posture while sitting and a poor office chair. To reduce the strain on the worker, it’s best to look at a quality ergonomic office chair.

What do you look for when shopping for an office chair that is comfortable, but lasts and is within budget? To understand the features you should consider when shopping for a quality office chair, consider the following:

Buying an Ergonomic Office Chair

  1. Height - The chair should have easily accessible controls for raising and lowering the seat. The height control needs to easily allow you to move the chair height up and down with minimal effort. With the right height, your feet need to touch the floor with your legs horizontal along with your arms even or higher than the height of your desk.
  2. Lumbar support - Since sitting for extended periods of time without proper support puts a strain on the lumbar area, it’s important to have lumbar supports in the chair you purchase. A proper ergonomic chair should have both height and depth lumbar adjustment for the best support during extended times of sitting.
  3. Material - When you sit in a chair for extended amounts of time, you need to be comfortable. Look for a chair with additional padding and a material that breathes for maximum comfort. Material such as fabric that breathes not only helps during hot or cold conditions, it lasts over time compared to a material such as leather.
  4. Mobility - Any chair you look at should include an easily moveable swivel or other mechanism to move around easily. This also includes the overall weight of the chair for easy office moves. Most ergonomic office chairs are lightweight and can easily rotate for the user to access different areas of their desk and their workspace.

With so many options, purchasing a quality ergonomic office chair is not an easy decision. To make a well-informed decision take careful consideration and ensure you weigh all the options including those we have listed above. Also, prior to your purchase, set some time aside for an office chair fitting. This will ensure that the chair you buy is the correct fit and comfortable.

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4 Things to Look For When Buying an Ergonomic Chair

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