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Realizing the Benefits of Working On A Slant Board

Thursday, October 28, 2010
By Anne Kramer

It’s painfully clear to anyone who’s ever worked on a project for an extended period of time that hunching over a table or desk can become very uncomfortable. What’s more, performed on a daily basis, these activities can become the foundation of any number of “MSDs,” or musculoskeletal disorders.

This is why professionals such as architects, draftsmen, and artists have always worked on slanted surfaces. This simple, yet effective measure directly compensates for awkward angles our bodies assume when working on flat surfaces.

In short, there are a few major benefits to working on a slanted surface for anyone who normally works on a desk or table.

The Benefits of Slant Boards:

  • Slant boards promote better functional postural position. Because they bring your work to the user, he/she no longer needs to “hunch” over a desk in order to work. When used over time, this can eliminate back and neck pressure caused by improper posture.
  • By giving the user leverage, slant boards encourage proper wrist position while writing, which effectively improves handwriting and increases comfort while writing.
  • Eye strain is dramatically reduced both by decreasing the distance between the user’s eye and his/her work and improving viewing angle.

Types of Slant Boards:

  • Traditional: Traditional slant boards offer users the benefits of working on a slanted surface with the additional benefit of portability. Designed to be used anywhere, these collapsible gadgets are usually light-weight, but sturdy enough to handle the heaviest of books, turning any flat surface into an ergo-friendly workspace.
  • Copy Stand: The copy stand is used primarily by users who need to refer to a paper copy while typing on a computer. Not only do these slant boards hold your work at an angle that is easier to read, thereby reducing eye strain, but they also hold writing utensils should a change need to be made.
  • Micro Desk: Microdesk slant boards are adjustable work surfaces which sit over top of a computer keyboard. They are ideal for work in which the user must make physical changes, or otherwise edit a paper copy while working on a computer. These boards prevent the reaching and twisting associated with trying to read papers scattered over a flat desk.

Additionally, many slant boards feature a height adjustment allowing the user to choose the angle that best suits the specific application.

Skip the doctor’s office; invest in a slant board and work smarter, not harder!

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