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Find Your Center: Ergonomics of Multi-Functional Keyboards and Mice

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
By Anne Kramer

Are you running around the office to grab your coffee, grab paper at the printer and still make it to the big company meeting? It doesn’t stop there – the second you get to your desk, you cannot sit still and relax. There is always more work to do, whether you have to click away, write or simply sift through papers. The superfluous and repetitive movements we make cause us to be tired and even inefficient.

One example of such movement is mouse usage – it might seem trivial but gripping the device and sweeping your hand across your work station cause hand strain and can lead to serious repetitive stress injuries (RSI) such as carpel tunnel.

Traditional mice strain your wrist through the movement and form your hand is consistently forced to take. To avoid unnatural movement that result from utilizing the peripheral, find your center by opting for correcting devices, like ergonomic mice, that provide accessibility and comfort while you’re working.

Since they place the mouse function below the space bar key or other central location, these multifunctional ergonomic devices allow the user to type and scroll with decreased movement. This eliminates mouse reach, which makes your workspace more functional and reduces chances of developing RSI. Wrists can rest in a natural state instead of being wrapped around a mouse.

Left handed? This can be a challenge with work stations that are not structured to accommodate different set-ups, however, there are ergonomic options that solve this problem. Certain keyboards with built-in ergonomic mice like the Roller Mouse Pro by Contour Design and Roller Mouse Free by Contour Design cater to ambidextrous movement. Not only does this type of ergonomic device provide a feasible option for left-handed workers, but it increases efficiency and encourages equal use of both hands by providing equidistant access to the mouse.

Your mouse can go even more high-tech, with certain models offering advanced touch scroll engineering, clickable steering pads, and customizable buttons. Short-cuts are no longer limited to your keypad – with devices like the MouseTrapper Advance, you can program the buttons to your own needs and requirements and maintain speed and efficiency.

Want more? Scroll bar mobility, multi-system compatibility, sensitive and large buttons – these are all special features that can be found in the Trackbar Emotion.

While multifunctional keyboards with ergonomic mice can deliver a range of different features, they all offer the same relaxing and ergonomic benefits – they prevent serious RIS while creating a more centered and organized work space for users.

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