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Getting the Most out of a Mobile Workstation

Thursday, November 05, 2009
By Anne Kramer

In certain industries, the mobile office has been an integral part of business for decades. However, new technology has not only made this a more popular option, but it has also made the mobile office more complicated: traveling employees often bring everything from files to fax machines with them, setting up fully functional office spaces right in their passenger seats. The right mobile workstation can make this office a safe and effective workspace.

Assess Function and Usage

The first step to selecting the right mobile workstation is to determine how it will be used. If it will be necessary to carry the workstation, into a hotel room for instance, selecting a lightweight model that comes with a carrying case is probably the best option. If the mobile workstation will stay in the car all the time, a more robust and permanent model may be suitable.

Furthermore, it is important to consider the tasks that will be done at the mobile workstation. For simple office supply and file storage, a designated work surface may not be necessary. However, if the mobile workstation will be used for writing or computer-based tasks, a model with sufficient room for holding a laptop or writing is a better option.

Consider Useful Features

With the broad selection of mobile workstations available, it is critical to carefully consider which features are necessary. While certain features may seem unnecessary at the time, they also add versatility and functionality to the mobile workstation. Furthermore, they make it easier to integrate ever-improving technologies into the workstation, improving potential productivity in the future.

  • A rubberized work surface prevents items from sliding off, eliminating reaching and searching for items in the center console or on the floor. The anti-slip finish allows the driver to keep often-used items like a cell phone or PDA on hand, in a visible location.
  • Some mobile workstations include power outlets or inverters, so that handheld and other electronic devices can be charged easily during a commute or business trip. This feature is especially convenient for people who spend most of their time on the road, rather than in the office or at home.
  • Discrete laptop storage is handy for those who make quick roadside stops. Many mobile workstation models have a compartment conveniently located under the writing surface, which can easily house a standard laptop.
  • Mobile workstations often have fold-out surfaces, creating extensions that allow the user to write and use a laptop at the same time. The extra space can also be used to accommodate a standard keyboard or ergonomic mouse.

The right mobile workstation has suitable storage for files and other supplies, along with adequate space for laptop usage, writing, or both. Selecting the perfect mobile workstation not only improves safety, but it also promotes productivity.

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