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The 5 Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Mats

Thursday, October 22, 2009
By Anne Kramer

Concrete flooring is often necessary in industrial or scientific settings, where non-porous flooring is indispensable. However, traditional concrete floors provide neither shock absorbency nor resistance, making them a hazard for a variety of injuries. Anti-fatigue mats make concrete floors more ergonomically friendly, providing multiple benefits in the workplace.

  1. Fewer slip and fall injuries: Slip and fall incidents may occur as a result of low traction, or due to a liquid spill. The range of resulting injuries includes everything from strained muscles to broken bones. Anti-fatigue mats are considered one of the leading preventatives for slip and fall injuries, according to insurance companies. By improving traction, anti-fatigue mats decrease the likelihood of a slip and fall.
  2. Reducing breakage of glass and other materials: The lack of shock absorption in concrete floors frequently leads to breakage of any items dropped. In the laboratory, these breaks can lead to spills of caustic chemicals or bio-hazardous materials. In manufacturing or assembly stations, dropped and damaged parts result in lost profit. Anti-fatigue mats can absorb not only shock, but also sound. They also eliminate vibrations.
  3. Decreasing back pain and stress: Standing for long periods of time places extra stress on the muscle groups in the lower back. Eventually this stress results in muscle pain and tension, which can spread throughout the back, into the neck and shoulders. Long-term standing also impacts compression of the spine, which is another source of back pain. Placing anti-fatigue mats at a workstation will minimize back pressure and strain.
  4. Preventing repetitive stress injuries (RSI) and fatigue: Standing decreases blood flow to the lower extremities, which in turn increases muscle wear and fatigue. Blood also tends to pool in the lower legs, leading to varicose veins. Meanwhile, constant pressure on the feet can result in bone misalignment and joint degeneration. The padding of an anti-fatigue mat diffuses this pressure, reducing the likelihood of muscle fatigue and RSI.
  5. Increasing productivity: As employees enjoy better health and greater comfort, they will exhibit higher efficiency and concentration, as well as improved morale. These factors directly impact productivity. When coupled with the money saved on injuries, this translates into increased revenue from greater savings and improved production rates.

Easy to install, anti-fatigue mats can be placed at individual workstations or in entire work areas. They can be customized to fit any location. If the edges of the mat present a tripping hazard, for instance in situations where workers often transport goods or move between workstations, Ergo Mates offer an excellent alternative. These devices can be strapped on over shoes, and provide a “mobile” anti-fatigue mat that accompanies the worker everywhere.

Protecting workers’ health and improving revenue are central concerns in any work place. The adaptability and injury protection afforded by anti-fatigue mats make them a vital accessory in industrial and laboratory work environments.

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