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How Split Keyboards Benefit Computer Users

Saturday, March 12, 2011
By Anne Kramer

Goldtouch Split keyboardToday, more computer users understand the health benefits of owning a split keyboard. Although these benefits are the most popular, there are other benefits that help in job performance, comfort and financial investment of the equipment.

To understand what these benefits are, let’s consider how a split keyboard will help computer users:

  1. Reduced strain – Many office workers and avid computer workers complain of stress related injuries. These are typically attributed to improper typing and mousing techniques or the equipment they use. To reduce the strain on wrists, hands and fingers, more are converting to using split keyboards. These keyboards cradle and hold your hands in a natural way – this decreases the strain on your joints and hands.
  2. Increased efficiency – Although some find the transition to a split keyboard awkward, once they become proficient in it’s use, they increase their typing efficiency. Some increase their typing speed, decrease their error counts per sentence and develop a steadier rhythm to their typing. This is beneficial even more to office workers and other industries such as translation services.
  3. Adjustable – As more workers look at the benefits of split keyboards, they can add one more benefit – adjustability. Some manufactures are now building keyboards that adjust to specific space, comfort and storage requirements. This is a great benefit since not every keyboard will “feel right” for every person.
  4. Durability – With the price tag of split keyboards higher than traditional models, consumers expect more for the price. Manufactures understand this and are beginning to build these specialty keyboards with additional durability and even adding extended warranties.

Purchasing a split keyboard is important to those who use a computer. Not only for the health related reasons, these specialty devices also help with typing efficiency, adjust to the user and even add additional durability to your purchase.

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